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Have You Voted For Sarah Jane Or Rose??


UPDATED: With BBC AMERICA premiering the original Women of Doctor Whospecial tonight (Saturday, August 11 at 9/8c), we decided to put the question “Who’s the Greatest Women of Doctor Who…ever?” up to a vote. More than 200,000 people cast their ballots in our week-long tournament, and fans whittled down a field of eight companions down to a final two: Rose Tyler vs.Sarah Jane Smith. And by a vote of 57 percent to 43 percent, the companion voted the Greatest Woman of Doctor Who is…

(This is really sucks!)

Yes, Rose Tyler (played by actress Billie Piper), companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, was picked as the ultimate woman of Doctor Who by a decent margin. Anglophenia’s Fraser McAlpine explained the importance of Rose inhis profile of her last year: “As much as Russell T Davies and the Ninth Doctor combined, Rose is the person who resurrected Doctor Who the show, because she represents the fans who loved it and wanted it to come back better. She not only healed the emotional wounds of the Doctor himself, she healed ours too, allowing the show to return in triumph, not limp out with all the same tired old gags, for a wheezy victory lap.”
Sarah Jane’s substantial showing demonstrated the fondness many fans still have for the iconic classic companion, who was brought back for several episodes in the modern series and was rewarded with her own successful spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures. (The actress who played Sarah Jane, the luminous Elisabeth Sladen, passed away in 2011.) Of Ms. Smith, Fraser wrote, “It’s safe to say that had Elisabeth Sladen lived, she’d still be appearing inDoctor Who episodes from now until one of their many Ends Of Time finally finishes things off for good. And that’s because Sarah Jane kept going too. Of all the Doctor’s companions, she’s the one who, rather than sitting back to reminisce over her time as a space traveler, would clearly continue in the same adventurous vein for as long as the Earth was imperiled.”
Interestingly, among British voters, Sarah Jane Smith defeated Rose 61 percent to 39 percent, while U.S. voters picked Rose 58 percent to 42 percent.
Meanwhile, Donna Noble eviscerated Fourth Doctor companion Leela 79 percent to 21 percent.
For an in-depth look (with clips) at all of the Doctor’s companions, check out our profiles. And download 13 great “Women of Doctor Who” episodes on iTunes.

I wonder who's the big doofus around here set up this anti-Sarah Jane Smith thing? Why Rose?? Why her??  She always jump on the Doctor so many times??    I got my vote is Sarah Jane Smith!   She's the one and only companion who went from "old Who" to "Nu Who" and later her own show Sarah Jane Adventures.   But, sad, sad day for the Sladenites Fans!
I wonder if Lis found out about this poll, she would turned over her grave if she see this thing!

If Elisabeth Sladen was alive again, a bolt of thunder cloud would come down and hit Rose on the head!!!!

                                        THAT WILL DO TO ROSE, THAN SHE DID WITH CLYDE!!!