Friday, February 13, 2009

Another SJA News!

So you heard about the two rumors coming out from different websites! You guys and gals it's all true!!!!!!!! The first one is Lis going to do an , autobiography about herself, so the book will come out next year! Next one is, you won't believed this one! SJA will be hosting the "Red Nose Day" thing is coming out in March 13, 2009! It's part of the Comic Relief thing. So you have to go the website for more information as you go there for now! That's what I'll give you for next news when they'll come out pretty soon!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good News!

Sorry about the delay I have in the past few months. But the good news is that Sarah Jane Adventures is coming back for season 3 of this year! YAYYYYY!!!!! Another good news is K9 is also coming back to SJA as well! So you had to look at another web blog called for more information about it! And another thing is that last few days was Lis Sladen 61 birthday that week as well.

So good by for now and we'll get some more information when they get some SJA news!