Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The "Rose" Review!

Ok, so you want to know about the new Doctor Who story? Well, it seems we have picked up since 1996 from the last T.V. movie of Doctor Who. To begain with the new story was Rose, not that it a Doctor story but, a companion story as well! You might like the special effects and has very good plot to spot! It all started about a young woman name Rose who had lived in London worked in a department store and datting a whimply guy named {I forgot his name is!) well, you cannot blamed me forgetting his name! So on to the story, it seems like Rose would go down the basement and have a chat with her boss. But when she came down, she find the door was locked so she tried to knok on it. But there's no anwer and we find Rose very nervous about this place. So she went to this other door and went inside which has a very long corrdor that goes forever! Well, for Rose, she put on the lights and decide to look around this place. All of the sudden this dummy started to move and went up to Rose who was looking for someone to answer. As Rose about to turned around, she saw so many dummies starting moving and was going after one person: Rose!

Rose was had her back to the wall when all the suddenly a hand grab her by the wrist and started to run for her life. The recurer is a tall thin man who called himself the Doctor wears a leather jacket,black jeans and a V-neck jumper. As he took Rose to safety he told her what he is and tell her run for life. As she started to run, she saw the bulding where she worked has exploded to bits. After that Rose went home and was comforted by her mother and her whimpy boyfriend (which I forgot!)his name is! She told her boyfriend to throw this dummy arm out of the trash bin as promise. So he did as he told and went home to his flat. Back to the story after all this excitment, Rose woke up next morning have her breakfast and there a strange sratch in the catflap and saw the Doctor's head looking strait at her! He say hello and Rose grab the Doctor into the flat. Doctor first look at Rose's mom who tried to seduced him but look other way. His interest was a dummy arm which started to attack the Doctor first while Rose was in the kichen making tea! As Rose came out of the kitchen saw the Doctor was attack by a hand of fear and it decided to go after Rose instead! The Doctor took out his sonice-screwdriver and zap the dummy hand of fear to death!

So you know the rest of the story but to make it a SPOILER you have to find out in the other reviews on Doctor Who websites! A friend of a friend of mine has taped this show but for one story only has let go from his work place! I got this tape from this comic-book store in Malden (New England Comics. Which the owner named Jim who happens to like the new Doctor Who story with great gusto and lot of people who also saw the first episode liked it! Well, I'm going to say this once and for all: I love it! Great story plot, the actors Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper are first rate and it is very funny at the sense where all this going on! Sometimes serious and very meanfully about time and space lines when the Doctor explained to Rose.

The Doctor Who which I grew up in the late 70's and early 80's with Tom Baker and Lis Sladen is still in me! Now we got this new genration of Doctor Who fans from England, has Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper as the carryers of the torch 21st century! Too Bad that Chris is leaving the first season after the show was off the ground! Because he's afraid of type-casting so I don't the rest of it! But, you have asked for it! O.K.?