Friday, June 15, 2012

We All Most Lost "The Medusa Cascade" Website!

Over a week ago we all most lost the favorite screencap website "The Medusa Cascade".  Now it's back online again.  Here's the rest of the info of the website itself:

Welcome back to The Medusa Cascade!

As you can see, we’re still getting things in order around the site since our recent loss of data. If all goes well, we hope to open the gallery once more on June 21 (though there will likely only be screencaps and not of every episode that has aired to date) and have everything as up to date and back in order as possible by our four year anniversary on July 28!
With the closing of our former webhost without any prior warning to us, we were left without a recent working back up (the most recent working one we had was from 2010) and as such we have lost a lot of what made our site great including all of our news posts and the over 400,000 images in our gallery. Luckily we can rebuild our gallery as we are doing right now, but the old news posts are gone. Thanks to Google’s cache feature and having old versions saved on my old computer, we were able to get most of our pages back as they were before. You may find broken links around the site as we continue to recreate all of them but that should be finished within the next couple days. There are also some which need to be updated and we will do this as soon as possible.
While  the gallery is still closed, we recommend you go through all of your bookmarks/favorites which include links to our gallery and delete all except the main page. Since we had to rebuild the gallery from scratch, most links will redirect you to something other than what you had previously bookmarked for easy access. There are a few which are the same other than the main page, but this will really be down to coincidence more than anything else. You do not need to delete any pages of the main site you have bookmarked (with the exception of news posts) as all of the pages’ links are still the same thanks to our naming pattern.
Due to having to rebuild our site from scratch, there will likely be very few updates and new features added to the site for awhile though, as always, feel free to visit our LiveJournal and leave us some suggestions for when we have the time! You can also reach us via our Twitter, though with its lack of archiving, LiveJournal is the best for things that don’t need to/won’t be dealt with right away.
Thank you, as always, for visiting and supporting The Medusa Cascade – especially as we continue to rebuild – we truly appreciate it!

If you want to see the rest you go to this site at: . While it's still under construction. They will be back on the 21 of June 2012 on Thursday.   Thank you!