Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures Action Figures

Talk about action figures, it was one of the best thing I've invested in buying it for myself and enjoyed as well! But, had a price to it's very expensive as well too! Not that overly expensive about over $20.00 to be right so far..........

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Many Updates!!! Part 3!

Third report: From reports of the BBC Press Office have issued a press release on series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures and confirmed a start date of 29the September on BBC1 at 4.35pm. As with last year the next episode will follow on at 5.15PM on the CBBC channel

The Full press release which includes character details and episode synopsis can be seen Here:

The Last Sontaran
By Phil Ford, Directed By Joss Agnew

Part One - Monday 29 September 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One

Reports of strange lights around the Tycho Radio Telescope lead Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Maria into a terrifying forest encounter - and Sarah Jane comes face to face with her oldest enemy. Meanwhile Maria wrestles with a huge decision when her dad is offered a new job in America.

Part Two - Monday 29 September 5.15pm CBBC Channel - Monday 6 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One

Sarah Jane and the gang have only 40 minutes to save Earth as Sontaran Commander Kaagh plots to bring the world's orbiting satellites crashing down on nuclear installations across the world. And Maria's Mum finally gets to the truth from Alan - but will they be in time to save Maria?

The Day Of The Clown
By Phil Ford, Directed By Michael Kerrigan

Part One - Monday 6 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel - Monday 13 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One

New girl in Bannerman Road, Rani Chandra, is being haunted by a sinister clown - does it have anything to do with the local children that have gone missing? When Clyde's friend disappears the trail leads them to a strange circus museum - and the legend of the Pied Piper!

Part Two - Monday 13 October 5.15pm CBBC Channel - Monday 20 October 4.35pm CBBC on BBC One

Sarah Jane's investigation into Spellman and Odd Bob the Clown takes her to a meteorite at the Pharos Institute. But Spellman's plot to make all of Park Vale's pupils vanish leads Sarah Jane into a confrontation with her own childhood fears in a bid to save Luke.

So Many Updates!!! Part 2!

Second report: Here some video Trailer from a British Movie theater near you!

So Many Updates!!!

I haven't updating any Sarah Jane reports until now; here's report on things on the SJA front!

First report: From the reports of some new pictures of the Second Series.......

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Stolen Earth spoilers "Alert"!!!!!

Guys this is it the latest news has been spilling the beans! So watch the trailer and wait to next week to come!

Anyway, what do think about Sarah Jane crying over poor Luke by the way?

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The End of First Season Of SJA!

Well haven't written this blog for quite sometime. Now this it for now somewhere in near future for the second season of SJA. Right now, they will end this first season of "The Sarah Jane Adventure" tonight on Sci-Fi channel with "The Lost Boy".

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures "Fridays"

Well she's back and she now on Friday nights on Sci-Fi channel! The Invasion of the Bane was U.S. premiered last week and had amount of reviews to follow after that. The one interesting review in of the websites that follow called: has a reviewed kind of mixed. You have to go to the website itself and use your own opinion to judged yourself to the review. That's all I got to say for now! I'll try again this week in reviews! Bye there now!