Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Over Kill Nuns of Kink!

Well, it's me again! I haven't written over several weeks since the "The Sarah Jane Adventures" came out last month. Now, it's two stories down and another story came out yesterday called Warriors of Kudlak - Part One is now out and I thought it would be good time to give some small information about the show itself, well maybe.

For starters it's all about a little 14 year old girl from across the street of Bannerman Road, lives a strange old lady called Sarah Jane Smith who used to be the Doctor's Ex-companion who done time and space especially in space!! Sarah main target for this kids show about aliens, kinky Nuns of Mercy and three strange teenagers have nothing to do but kicking ass of nuns and bad-ass aliens from hell! Now you got it? Good! So bugger off!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

News Flash! The Sarah Jane Adventures Is On Mondays!

The Date is confirmed!


Monday 24th September

Sarah Jane Smith, investigative journalist and former companion to The Doctor, is back in a brand-new CBBC drama from the makers of Doctor Who. And in the first two-part story of the series she faces some familiar alien enemies of The Doctor as the Slitheen are back and out for revenge...

On their first day at their new school Maria and Luke soon realise that all is not as it seems. There's a funny smell, the food keeps going off, the teachers keep farting and the new technology block is hiding some dark secrets.

With their suspicions aroused, Sarah Jane, Maria and Luke set about investigating, joined by their new friend Clyde. They soon discover that the Slitheen have disguised themselves as teachers as part of a deadly plan which threatens the future of the Earth.

But as Maria, Luke and Clyde become trapped in the new technology block in the clutches of the Slitheen and with Sarah Jane under attack from another of the alien monsters, will the gang be able to stop the Slitheen before it's too late?

Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen, who also starred as Sarah Jane in the Seventies Doctor Who series as a companion to the third and fourth Doctors. Maria Jackson, Sarah Jane's neighbour and sidekick, is played by Yasmin Paige. Luke Smith, Sarah Jane's adopted son who was created by aliens, is played by Thomas Knight, and Daniel Anthony plays the streetwise Clyde.

Revenge Of The Slitheen is a two-part story written by Gareth Roberts, who also writes for Doctor Who, and Russell T Davies is one of the executive producers.

FLASH NEWS!!!! The Sarah Jane Adventures Press Release!!!

OKay there's another SJA news release today at the http://www.doctorwhonews.com/ Outpost Gallifrey is about the new spoilers of the show!
OKay there's another SJA news release today at the http://www.doctorwhonews.com/ Outpost Gallifrey is about the new spoilers of the show!

Friday, August 24, 2007

More SJA Info.!

Where starting to get more info of the SJA news from different websites and web-Blogs. I think it's time to start the count-down next month of September of 2007. There's a recent article in the http://www.sarahjanetv.blogspot.com/;it's about the show itself and the actress Lis Sladen in this next month's magazine Coverage of SFX Magazine Issue 161 contains a feature on the series with images of overweight teachers suggesting the Slitheen. Now that's SJA news for you!

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's All The Spoilers!

I haven't write this blog for quite awhile. If you do read the other blogs then you knew what's been happening ever since I last wrote: It's the Sarah Jane Adventures thing again and getting more and more news everyday! But this time it's the spoiler for one of the websites called http://community.livejournal.com/sarahjane_fic that has the spoiler! If I was you, you better read it or worse, you might end up somewhere Sarah Jane's attic for whole entire season with Lis Sladen on your back yelling at you!!!!!! So good luck, have nice day and hopefully there's no sonic lipsticks pointing at your ass!