Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Over Kill Nuns of Kink!

Well, it's me again! I haven't written over several weeks since the "The Sarah Jane Adventures" came out last month. Now, it's two stories down and another story came out yesterday called Warriors of Kudlak - Part One is now out and I thought it would be good time to give some small information about the show itself, well maybe.

For starters it's all about a little 14 year old girl from across the street of Bannerman Road, lives a strange old lady called Sarah Jane Smith who used to be the Doctor's Ex-companion who done time and space especially in space!! Sarah main target for this kids show about aliens, kinky Nuns of Mercy and three strange teenagers have nothing to do but kicking ass of nuns and bad-ass aliens from hell! Now you got it? Good! So bugger off!!!