Thursday, August 27, 2009

SJA Season 3 Updates! Spoiler Pics Alert!

Well, I haven't written in awhile since some major things has crop-up in last several days so far...... But, now I had some latest news about the SJA Season 3 thing. Right now, I'm going show you a latest pic that came out about a few days ago. So here it is:

Other SJA news that the season 2 of SJA had the latest DVD box set coming out in the U.S.A as well. Here the information about the second season of SJA:

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Second Season
STREET DATE: November 10, 2009
SRP: $39.98
SYNOPSIS: Life on Earth can be an adventure too! Get ready for more danger, mystery and wonder as incomparable Sarah Jane Smith returns for a second series of the spectacular, thrilling children's drama from the makers of Doctor Who and Torchwood! When Sarah's adopted son, Luke, first became part of Sarah Jane's life, he encountered a world of adventure - not just of dangerous aliens bent on invasion and destruction, but also an amazing world of wonder and excitement which showed him that the universe really is an amazing place. This is something that Sarah Jane is keen to keep from Bannerman Road, and Series Two's newest addition, fourteen-year-old Rani Chandra and her parents Gita and Haresh. But sparky Rani is a wannabe journalist and, like Sarah Jane, is not the type to let a mystery go unsolved!

  • Interview with cast and crew
  • Season synopses for all stories
  • Investigating Tools – a gadget glossary
  • Quiz with special footage prize
  • Character and alien profiles
  • Photo gallery
  • Audio clips
  • UK TV spots
  • Trailers
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sarah Jane & Maria

24, originally uploaded by sarahjane2x.

It's one of those first season of SJA ( The Sarah Jane Adventures) "Eye Of The Gorgon".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ready For Some Spoilers???????????

Thanks for the info about some SJA spoilers from a website which I am a member from. Go to ;

The Series 3 Episode Titles are:

Episodes 1 and 2: Prisoner of the Judoon
The Judoon are in this with a new character, Androvax who is a Veil. He is under arrest when one of the Judoon's life carriers crashes on Earth, so a Judoon's hunting down his prisoner who's escaped

Episodes 3 and 4: The Mad Woman in the Attic
Guest Stars Souad Faress, Gregg Sulkin, Eleanor Tomlinson, Toby Parkes, Rai Rajani, and Kate Fleetwood.

Episodes 5 and 6: The Wedding of Sarah Jane
Guest Stars David Tennant (The Doctor), Nigel Havers and Zienia Merton.

Episodes 7 and 8: The Eternity Trap
Guest Stars Floella Benjamin (Professor Celeste Rivers who finally going into action with Sarah Jane- more than just a cameo), Adam Gillan (Toby Silverman who is Professor Rivers' "faithful assistant"), Donald Sumpter (Erasmus Darkening who is one of the greatest and most chilling villains we've ever seen), Tony Boncza, Amelia Clarkson and Callum Blue.
This adventure is a "truly chilling ghost story" from Phil Ford

Episodes 9 and 10: Mona Lisa's Revenge
Guest Stars Suranne Jones (in a role that they were talking about 18 months ago, and she was immediately named as the perfect person to play her), Jeff Rawle, Liza Sadovy, and Lizo Mzimba!

Episodes 11 and 12: The Gift
The Slitheen's Cousins, the Blathereen are in this story.

Unknown Episodes
The Trickster is in the series but it is unknown to what episode he is in though it is likely to be Episodes 5 and 6

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