Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elisabeth Sladen's Birthday

On this sad but rather small occasion we're celebrating the 66th Birthday of Elisabeth Sladen. For those who remember the actress past away last year back in April 19, 2011 from cancer. Now it's time to remember her as she was an actress in Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures. So Happy 66 Birthday Elisabeth Sladen!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who The Original Sarah Jane Actress??

Okay we need get this straight so far. For the first time in Doctor Who history that day will never come when a unknown actress was almost become the next companion after Katy Manning. This quite disturbing when it over 39 years and you still haven't a clue! Before there was Elisabeth Sladen there was actress April Walker the "Original Sarah Jane Smith" character. It' been kept secret about 39 years has finally reviled. According to the reports of different websites including (http://www.doctorwhonews.net/ tells different story which is in the dark for long time. But, there's one website you might get a glimpse of the story so here it is:      Read the full story at Tardis Base:

One of Doctor Who's oldest mysteries has today been answered! Some of you may or not know that Elisabeth Sladen wasn't the first choice to play Sarah Jane, and she actually replaced the original actress very near to filming starting on Doctor Who's eleventh series.

For many years, it's been a mystery who this woman was, but it has finally been revealed to have been April Walker. Her name was discovered when David Brunt was checking the BBC files for the Production Notes of the DVD release of Invasion of the Dinosaurs and found her name on an old memo.
The story goes that Barry Letts was looking for a replacement for Katy Manning, who was leaving the series, when Lets met April Walker. She soon after signed contracts to become the new companion, but it soon appeared it wasn't going to work out as Jon Pertwee thought they had no chemistry together (and he apparently said she was 'too tall', 'too busty' and 'too dominant').

Barry Letts then found Elisabeth Sladen and the rest is history. Jon Pertwee gave him his thumbs up, and she became the most popular companion in the history of the show. There are so many 'what-ifs' surrounding this story. What if April Walker became Sarah Jane? What would she have been like? Would she have had a similar impact? Would she still be so relevant today? Most likely not...

April Walker never broke through after Doctor Who, and instead have small roles in several shows such as Faulty TowersTwo RonniesMorecambe & Wise Show and Waking The Dead.

Read the full story at Tardis Base - Here for YOU & WHO: WHO DID ELISABETH SLADEN REPLACE? ANSWERED! http://tardis-base.blogspot.com/2012/01/mystery-answered-who-was-first-sarah.html#ixzz1j9LQ6nrl

Read the full story at Tardis Base - Here for YOU & WHO: WHO DID ELISABETH SLADEN REPLACE? ANSWERED! http://tardis-base.blogspot.com/2012/01/mystery-answered-who-was-first-sarah.html#ixzz1j9LC8rGr


Thanks to  Tardis Base and DOCTORWHONEWS.NET